WK 140 Low Voltage Cable Test Solution
WK 240 Low Voltage Cable Test Solution
WK 25 Low Voltage Cable Test Solution
WK 260 Low Voltage Cable Test Solution
W 3504 Backplane/Chassis Test Solution
W 3525 Backplane/Chassis Test Solution
W 434 High Voltage Cable Test Solution
W 444 High Voltage Cable Test Solution
W 454 High Voltage Cable Test Solution
Product Features
  • Easy Test Point Expansion & Distribution
  • Very High Voltage (5,000 VDC / 3,600 VAC)
  • RLC Component Measurement
  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • Extremely Fast Test Speeds
  • Functional Testing of Control Assemblies
  • Automated Fiber Optics Testing
  • Reduction of Adaptation Cable Length
  • MIL 810 & MIL 1553 Certification
  • User-Friendly Software

Fiber Optics Test Solutions

WEETECH's Fiber Optics Test Solutions are designed to meet the growing demands of aerospace customers who integrate fiber optics into cable and harness assemblies. These systems offer state-of-the-art automated fiber optic tests that are designed to seamlessly integrate into WEETECH's W 454 High Voltage Test Solution. Our world-renowned fiber optic test systems are fast, accurate, expandable and easy to use.
  • Test & Measurement Performance
  • Optical Test Points can be Integrated Anywhere Within the Distributed Matrix of the W 454
  • Each 19-Inch Unit (4U) Contains up to 64 Fiber Optic Test Points
  • Bidirectional Measurement Without Disconnecting Allows each Point to act as Sender, Receiver, Monitor Receiver, and Receiver for Reflection Measurement
  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss can be Measured Separately
  • Measurement Time Between 200 ms and 500 ms Depending on Repeatability
  • Utilizes the FC Optical Output Connector
  • Testing of Wave Lengths from 800 nm to 1,300 nm
  • Repeatability at 30 dB is ± 0.05 dB (24-Bit Resolution)
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