About Us

WEETECH sets the industry standard in manufacturing quality test solutions for Cable, Harness, Backplane and Functional requirements.

With over 35 years of experience, WEETECH's world-class team recognizes that it is paramount to anticipate, understand and design adaptable systems versatile enough to meet evolving customer requirements and industry trends – and we back it up with impeccable service.

WEETECH's Global Operations are located in Wertheim, Germany, where our ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility develops cutting-edge test systems to meet the needs of our worldwide clientele. While we remain unsurpassed in our industry, we believe it is vital to utilize the most up-to-date technical advances that can benefit our employees, processes and bottom line. In addition, our ethical commitment to uphold strict environmental, health and safety standards significantly influences our actions in how we impact the environment today, and in years to come. Ecological allegiance plays a monumental role in how efficiently we conserve our resources, strategize business decisions, and promote an overall clean production process. We take every effort to ensure the efficient use of supplies, and regularly make conscientious decisions to phase out environmentally harmful materials wherever possible.

But we don't stop there. With every test system sold, we consider the wide spectrum of individuals that WEETECH's products may impact – directly or indirectly. Our customers span the globe, building recognizable products in countless industries. Some of our key customers specialize in Aerospace, Military, Medical, Telecom, Agriculture, Automotive and Transportation. Our customized solutions are developed to safeguard the electrical testing processes of these industry giants to ultimately insure YOUR safety. We believe there is no greater responsibility – and we love what we do.

The complete range of WEETECH's premier product line delivers best-in-class features that are fast, accurate, expandable and easy to use. We are confident that you will be impressed with our quality test solutions, and we wish to thank you in advance for your valuable business.

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