1973 Foundation of WEE GmbH
1975 Development of the first low voltage cable tester for the Automotive Industry. Several successful systems are installed at DELPHI, Leoini and others
1976 Development of the first mid voltage tester for Telecom and Military Backplanes
1977 Development of the first high voltage tester (1000 VDC)
1987 United States and France subsidiaries established
1988 Due to increasing production demands, manufacturing and design are relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility

WEETECH Aerial Photo

1992 Italy subsidiary established
Large high voltage systems are sold to Airbus testing of the A320
1996 Development of the first portable functional tester for the Automotive Industry
1999 Netherlands subsidiary established
Company name changes to Electrotest
Development of the first functional test system for the Aerospace and Train Industries
2002 Electrotest sold to Schaffner EMV AG
2007 Management Buyout from Schaffner EMV AG
Company name changes to WEETECH
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